This is my playground


Just like everything else in life it all starts with an idea. Once this idea is getting hotter, i take out my little 'wireframing' device and start drawing stuff on it just to have a feel. Usually it takes a few pages to get to the design that I believe is the right design for this particular website.
When the 'wireframe' is done, it's time to think about the actual features the website must have in order to function properly. Then time for "should have / maybe in the next version" features comes along with some strange and crazy ideas such as: "will this website make my coffee in the morning ?". If the answer is yes, add the feature to the wish list. Keep doing it until you have at least a dozen features listed.
Once the design and the features are done to 80% or higher, it is time to decide on the tools needed to achieve this titanic task of building it. I present you - Sublime / Atom for coding, Chrome for playing with the design, Codekit for simple rendering, MAMP for use of PHP (contact forms, ajax calls, etc...), GravitDesigner for creating some easy-to-use and easy-to-share website drafts, etc ... Decision time can be tricky and thus not all tools can / will / should be present as the design and features can change long before a single line of code it done.
Gathering resources like content and images is a troublesome task. Images - got to make them responsive and think of the user bandwidth, devices, cell coverage, speed, etc ... Too many css and js files can make your life a mess and deciding on the priority has to be taken into account. All these are done by trial and error, multiple monitor setup, plenty tabs opened, browser testing ... structuring the website into folders, _node_modules, .gitignores and the rest ... could use a boilerplate but I tend to just change everything all the time so I just use my own imagination.
First draft is done now it is time to let the client know how the website operates and how it functions. So time to subdomain it on your own hosting, send link and wait for feedback, hoping that the code you though of is actually doing the right things. Just make sure it works, it does things, it loads images, the contact actually is working and it is sanitized and validated server-side and/or browser-side.
The final revisions are done, client is trained on the usage of the site if needed. If CMS and client's hosting then it is time to get it uploaded, checked and double-checked, usernames, passwords changed, security measures taken and off you go. I present you a functional website.


These are some of my projects

More to arrive in the near future, hopefully using VueJS, CSS Grid and Flexbox.

About me

Short history

Ever since I can remember, I have had a "thing" about technology. I started like every kid in my day building my own computer to have the best available components and processing power for the time and ended up with an Athlon64 3200+, over-clocked the FSB to 218 and played the fanciest games. (for those who remember, it wasn't easy to find a motherboard that allowed such voltage changes and settings.)

My next trip down the tech world appeared when dealing with the "marvelous" Win2000 ( i honestly cannot remember how many times I had to reinstall it due to something or something else - playing with the registry, tweaking this and the other and ruining the whole system...).

Fast forward to today and I have been playing around with tech ever since, trying software, hardware and recently (in the past few years anyway) networking, Cisco and what not - long live GNS3 for this.

I've been learning and improving skills and programing logic in order to be able to build websites and webapps. so now I can say that all the hard work is starting to pay off as this little website has been built up from the ground up using plain old HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and some PHP for the form. jQuery is used for the ajax playing nice and not reloading the page on submiting the contact form. Some of the projects I am involved with while taking the FreeCodeCamp web course have been listed bellow, and include mostly logical development in JS but also the first little "project" - using Bootstrap to build the first webpage.

In my spare time I play with and on Grav CMS, and a bit of simple projects to prove functionality on Github and Codepen just so that I can improve all that I have learned so far. of course there is so much left to learn but one step every day will get me there.